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Wednesday, 08 March, 2017

Government Identity Fraud Conference


Government Identity Fraud Conference

Solutions By Design II (SBD) is proud to participate in the Government Identity Fraud Conference

VIRGINIA, March 8, 2017 – Solutions By Design II (SBD) is pleased to support the Second Annual Government Identity Fraud Conference presented by LexisNexis and the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC).  This year’s conference brought together a wide variety of federal, state and private sector experts to discuss the latest tactics used by identity thieves and what can be done to thwart this growing crime.  SBD Vice President, Doug Brown, participated in a panel discussion focused on the rise of identity fraud in healthcare, along with representatives from the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA), and the New York Department of Social Services.

“Identity fraud in healthcare has dramatic effects at both the individual level, as well as at the highest macro levels.  Individuals have been misdiagnosed, prescribed drugs for which they are allergic, or even mistreated for illness or disease that they don’t have.  Any one of these situations could lead to devastating outcomes for the patient”, Doug said.  “At the higher levels, these situations directly impact the way policy decisions are made and how limited federal, as well as local resources are used.”

Based on Doug’s experience working at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), he stated, “Like with other identity theft situations, one of the most effective ways to combat the crime is through increased awareness.  At CMS, we saw many schemes that on the surface appear innocuous, such as Health Fairs offering free blood pressure checks if you fill out a form with your medical information.  However, sometimes there are bad actors working behind the scenes ready to start billing for services.”

“Identity theft not only costs us all money; it often causes irreparable damage to the victims. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute our expertise in this area.,” remarks Clyde Goldbach, SBD’s Executive Vice President.

SBD’s Chris Wood further points out that “data analytics, like those currently being conducted within our SBD Innovation Center, are often the only way to bring to light anomalous trends that may indicate waste, fraud, or abuse (to include identity theft).  Our Innovations team has been hard at work pulling together a wide swath of data sets in order to provide the 360 degree view of healthcare payments and practices necessary to uncover those abberant patterns.”  

The SBD Health Business Unit offers federal, state and private clients IT development, implementation and maintenance support combined with subject-matter expertise and experience in healthcare service delivery, data analytics and population health.  

ABOUT SBD: SBD is a management consulting and technology services company serving clients domestically and abroad. For over 30 years, we have delivered technically innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, services, and products to our federal customers. Using Agile processes and principles, SBD has helped transform government agencies to implement faster, more reliable quality systems and solutions to enable them to deliver their mission more effectively and efficiently.

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